Tiffany grew up in the Midwest surrounded by gardens designed, planted and maintained by her parents, two of the most avid gardeners she knows. When she wasn’t up to her elbows in heavy Indiana clay soil, pulling weeds or harvesting vegetables, she was escaping to her grandfather’s workshop. He always had a project they could design or build together. 

Naturally, the hands-on discipline of landscape architecture offered by Purdue University felt like a natural fit.  Inspired to see more of the world, Tiffany left her comfort zone for a stint at Leeds Metropolitan University in England. There, she took every opportunity to explore the surrounding cities, countryside, historic gardens and ruins. Her keen observations abroad continue to influence her enduring passion for creating vibrant, rich and textural experiences with plants.  During 12 years at a Chicago landscape architectural firm, Tiffany immersed herself in the art of thoughtful design as she deftly guided the design process for award-winning residential and institutional projects.

Tiffany cannot resist solving puzzles that involve people, space, site, and materials.  She has exceptional experience doing this for intimate urban courtyards, expansive country estates, rooftops, botanic gardens and large annual displays. An avid problem-solver with patience for the details, she is most content when she is turning the essence of a design into real, living spaces that encourage play, exploration, and connections between people. 


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