Kris Barker, RLA, LEED AP

A California native, Kris spent long afternoons on the hillsides of Eaton Canyon. She was fascinated partly by nature, and partly by the stories she could create as she and her friends built forts, houses and even entire neighborhoods among the Oak and Sycamore trees. That imagination first led her to theater, where she thrived on collaborating with others to create meaningful experiences that unfolded in time. Today, a sense of sequence and story remains at the heart of her approach: a good narrative is a strong structure for design. 

After earning a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University, Kris joined the faculty.  Specializing in long-range planning for natural environments satisfied one aspect of her interest but she was hungry for something hands-on. Soon, she and several colleagues opened FPS Studio in Los Angeles where she led design for conservation projects, luxury resorts, and highly-detailed residences.  Nearly a decade later, Kris ventured into a completely different environment: Chicago.  Inspired by the challenges of designing for beauty and structure in a Midwestern winter, Kris established a new firm to expand her work into multiple geographies.

Kris engages design with inventive creativity that stays true to the ‘big picture.’ Her enduring interest in the essence of a design brings cohesion to complex spaces. Thoughtfully choreographed, her work creates sequenced moments of discovery, contemplation, and connection between people and the natural world. 


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