Hidden Garden 

It took tenacity to find the perfect house, but eventually, a persistent art-lover found a 1930’s Paul Williams-designed home hidden high in the hills, overlooking the Silver Lake reservoir.   It was perfect . . . except. 

The outdoor spaces at this home are split into two levels. With so much vertical structure, the entry level felt imposing and stark. Above, the second level was too exposed to host private parties, display artwork, relax undisturbed. 

At the entry, we designed ironwork gates that mimic the original second-floor balconies. They improve security while introducing a welcoming forecourt to the house. Turf joints in the concrete drive and greening on several walls make the entry feel softer, more hospitable and connect it to the home’s upper levels.

On the level above, we preserved the dazzling views of Silver Lake while designing new spaces that bring art and people together in a private, intimate setting. Homeowners and guests can gather beneath a shaded patio, relax by a fire table or dine under a Jacaranda tree. A custom-designed fountain contributes the peaceful sound of cascading water over original Georges Jouve tiles. These varied experiences work together, connected by design elements that honor the symmetry and order of California’s classic, regency-style architecture.