Craftsman Garden

Vivacious, social, and active in civic and social organizations, this California couple needed space that functioned as well for a tented party of 200 as it did for a lazy Sunday afternoon with immediate family. The complete renovation of the landscape at their Arroyo Craftsman-style residence is founded on an intimate connection between the built landscape and its natural setting.

As a first step, we transformed the existing pool by ‘adding’ land over a ravine. This let us extend the terrace and create a craftsman-style pool house. Now, swimmers enjoy poolside views of the city and ocean beyond.

To make a beautiful ravine on the property accessible for entertaining and exercise, we designed a casual outdoor dining area with fireplace and BBQ, trails, stairs and viewing terraces.  Water collection from the upper yard is managed with a series of stone terraces allowing water to slow down and percolate into the soil.  Large swaths of native plants and grasses nurture the hillside environment and strengthen the soil layer. Native boulders and stones are carefully placed within planted areas so the land mimics the natural materials of the site.